The Four Video Lessonsl

• Time Management

• Worry-Free Living

• Decreasing Anger

• Cognitive Control and Relaxation

Calming the Storm Within: Mastering Fear, Worry and Anxiety is divided into four video lessons

Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time

  • Don’t let time push you around!  Learn simple time management techniques that will allow you to have a more efficient and effective lifestyle. Understand how to set priorities and accomplish them without stress barriers.
  • Avoidance can sap your energy. Bounce back by learning the steps to become more proactive in your daily life, and how to reach the goals that fear, worry and anxiety have held you back from achieving.
  • Self-care: the key to feeling up to taking on your day.

Problems Piling Up
  • Learn the key to worry-free living from a holocaust survivor.
  • Learn to quiet the mind’s chatter.
  • Develop an action plan to lighten your load.

Feeling Out of Control
  • Anger can contribute to life’s misery. Learn how to let things go.
  • Time pressure and how to relieve it.
  • The key to mastering fear and anxiety.

Fear and Anxiety Mastery Strategies
  • The power of the breath.
  • Cognitive control. You can eliminate your fear stories.
  • Relaxation Response. Learn a five minute strategy developed by a professor at Harvard Medical School that can save your life.
  • Music to use with meditation.